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Disney's FRAN AI System Revolutionizes Character Aging in Films and Ads

Published on 07/13/23 / In People & Blogs

In the world of film and advertisements, digitally re-aging characters has always been a laborious and expensive task. But now, Disney Research Studios has unveiled FRAN, an advanced AI system that streamlines the aging process in video creation.

Traditionally, artists had to manually alter the appearance of characters frame-by-frame. However, FRAN leverages deep neural networks to analyze an actor's headshot and predict the areas of the face that would be affected by aging. It then applies aging attributes like wrinkles or skin smoothing, seamlessly blending the AI-generated effect with the original face. The team is also exploring the potential for enhancing images in a 3D format for even more realistic results.

Previously, training AI on real datasets seemed impossible due to the need for pairs of images showing people at two different ages with matching expressions and backgrounds. But FRAN overcomes this challenge, making significant progress in automating the aging process.

While there are still some limitations, particularly in generating major image changes, these challenges provide opportunities for further improvements in future iterations. Digital artists can still fine-tune the effects for maximum realism, but FRAN handles the bulk of the aging effects, making the entire process more efficient and cost-effective. Get ready for a new era of character aging in movies and advertisements!

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