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Published on 07/13/23 / In People & Blogs

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Endotech.io is the company launching the Crowd Funding Solution called DAISY that are raising funds for the expansion and growth of Endotech.

Our CEO is Dr Anna Becker, she has a wealth of experience in the financial sector, in the Fintech sector and Artificial Intelligence.

Credible and transparent.

DAISY is a Disruptive Crowd Fund Model. A smart contract on the blockchain, not a company. A model that gives every member profits, equity, and income.

Interview with our CEO With Dr. Anna

🌼 Endotech is a company that exists for 8 Years since 2012.
🌼 Endotech’s deep-learning alghoritms manage over 1 Billion dollars of Investment (AuM).
🌼 Decentralized Smart Contract on the Blockchain. (100% Transparant)
🌼 Estimated 300% ROI with no selling, no recruiting, no monthly fees.
🌼 Earn up to 1,500% annually! (This is not a misprint)
🌼 Get paid instantly to your wallet address.


Two sides to the program: (Everything is optional)

1. Investors
2. Referral Program



🌼 Earn 300%-800% ROI!
🌼 No selling, no recruiting, no monthly fees.
🌼 Simple Invest & Collect.
🌼 Withdraw your money at any time.



🌼 Get paid when people invest
🌼 Get paid when people withdraw
🌼 Get paid instantly!


UPFRONT INCOME: (Get paid when people invest)

🌼 3x10 Forced Matrix
🌼 Personal Referral Bonus
🌼 Matrix Check Match
🌼 Global Crowd Fund Bonus
🌼 Infinity Crowd Fund Bonus


RESIDUAL INCOME FROM TRADING PROFITS (Get paid when people withdraw)

🌼 10 Generation Unilevel Trading Bonus
🌼 5 Generation Trading Bonus Check Match
🌼 Infinity Trading Bonus
🌼 Get paid Instantly!



🌼 Pace-Setters Equity Bonus


πŸ’° There are no startup costs.
The minimum to invest is $100

πŸ“š Daisy AI Overview - (https://youtu.be/AqbuL8fuPfw)
πŸ“š Daisy AI Presentation PDF - https://tinyurl.com/yy75agtk
πŸ“š Affiliate Plan PDF - https://tinyurl.com/y5j4gdwv
πŸ“š Endotech Overview PDF - https://tinyurl.com/yyeo3bdmοΏ½

πŸ“¬ Message me to get on the priority list as we get set to launch on the 4th January 2021.

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