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Moving Canteen

Published on 08/27/22 / In Non-profits & Activism

⁣Your Offering to You: VISAMO Public Charitable Trust Vaso, is involved in several major services and activities.

The details are as follows:

Visamo Tiffin Service:-
This is a service run in rural areas for helpless elders. We serve a full plate of vegetables, roti, dal and rice at midday. This service is available in Rampur, Run and Nawagam.

Moving Canteen (Hartu Fartu Bhojanalaya):-
In the evening, light food like Khichadi and Kadhi is served in the rural area with the help of Food Van on different routes.

Prabhuji's House :-
This is a place for those people (Ramta Ram) who just wander homelessly and wants to return to their normal life. The organization provides full support to such needy people and ensures to bring joy and happiness back into their lives. Prabhuji’s House provides free accommodation, food and employment for all those who needs support.

Suhasini Thali :-
Anyone can avail Suhasini Thali by donating Rs. 50/. Currently this service is available for Nadiad and Vaso.

Suhasini Organic Kirana Mall :-

Suhasini Organic Kirana Mall sell 100% organic products free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These organic producs are also used for Tiffin Seva and Suhasini Thali. This is an attempt to connect organic farming, farmers and people’s health.

After all these services there are other services like..

Clothing Service:-
The usable and extra clothes are distributed among needy people. Especially in Prabhuji's house, these cloths are consumed more.

Funeral Kit Service :-
This service is proving to be very useful, particularly in rural areas when the material required for early morning cremation is not available in the market. This service has become helpful for surrounding rural areas including Vaso.

Aadhaar Service :-
In this service, Toilet chair, Walker and Stick are provided on deposit, full deposit is refunded on return of item.

Child Seva:-
Special arrangements and support are provided made according to the need and time for disabled children including young children.

Sukhdi Seva:
On the first Saturday of every month, a plate of Sukhdi or Laddu made with pure ghee is offered on the behalf of the donors at one or more famous Hanumanji temples in Vaso.

Apart from this, Sukhadi Seva is also planned separately keeping in mind the ongoing festivals.

Untill now, 30 people have got employment through various services run by Visamo Public Charitable Trust Vaso and we aim to employ at least 100 needy people through the services.

Whatever service is being done, the entire credit goes to our noble, sensitive and conscious donors, who understand our devotion, enthusiasm and the direction of Visamo Public Charitable Trust, Vaso.

The ultimate truth is Service...

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